Law Office of Jennifer Dwyer, PLLC                        

What can the Law Office of Jennifer Dwyer, PLLC do for you?

  Located in Bozeman, Montana, this firm offers skilled and affordable legal representation to Southwestern Montana citizens.  This firm practices in multiple areas of the law, including but not limited to:

    *Defending or appealing your Criminal Charges
    *Setting up your New Business
    *Resolving Land Use disputes
    *Creating your last Will & Testament
    *Recovering wages from Wrongful Discharge
    *Protecting your Civil Rights
    *Resolving Landlord- Tenant disputes.

To schedule an appointment, call (406) 551-2219 or click on the Contact Us tab on the left margin for more options. 

NOTICE: Nothing in this web site shall be construed to constitute an attorney-client relationship unless there is a signed retainer agreement between the Law Office of Jennifer Dwyer, PLLC and the client.